Sunday, October 19, 2014

PetSafe Small 2-Way Locking Cat Door, works great for small dog and cat in my opinion

A previous week. I search for information on the PetSafe Small 2-Way Locking Cat Door, so i would like to describe here.

PetSafe Small 2-Way Locking Cat Door PetSafe 2-Way Locking Cat Door The Product Give your cat access to her litter box without giving her litter box access to your home This durable cat flap fits any interior door thatx2019s 1x201D to 2x201D (2.5 cm - 5 cm) thick. Your cat can come and go from the room where her litter box is housed x2013 even when the door is closed. A sliding lock gives you the option .... Read more or Check Price

Comments from other users

EZ to install works great for small dogs and cats. We have a mobile home w / a thin outer door . by debrah shumaker

"It works perfectly ""Funziona perfettamente """"""I have it installed on my wall for a year and a half now works great ""Ce l'ho installato nel mio muro per un anno e mezzo ora funziona alla grande """"""Kitty had no problems with it""Kitty non hanno avuto problemi ad usarlo """"""it""It works perfectly"1truefalse676030""2falsefalse806340"I have it"7truefalse999031"installed on"8truefalse948351"my wall"9truefalse720571"for a year"10truefalse2707101"and a half"11truefalse45910131"now"12truefalse98613141"works great"13truefalse94314161""14falsefalse94416171"Kitty"28truefalse1000011"had no problems"29truefalse621141"with it"30truefalse538471"Funziona perfettamente"1"It works perfectly"676truefalse"Works perfectly"0truefalse"It runs perfectly"0truefalse"Works seamlessly"0truefalse"Work perfectly"0truefalse022"Funziona perfettamente """2""806falsefalse2324"""Ce l' ho"7"I have it"999truefalse"I have"0truefalse07"Ce l'ho installato nel mio muro per un anno e mezzo ora funziona alla grande ""installato nel"8"installed on"948truefalse"installed on the"0truefalse"installed on your"0truefalse"installed"0truefalse"is installed on"0truefalse822"""mio muro"9"my wall"720truefalse"My Stones"0truefalse2331"""per un anno"10"for a year"270truefalse"for one year"0truefalse"a year"0truefalse"one year"0truefalse3243"""e mezzo"11"and a half"459truefalse"and half"0truefalse"half"0truefalse""0truefalse4451"""ora"12"now"986truefalse"hour"0truefalse"time"0truefalse"now for"0truefalse"moment"0truefalse5255"""funziona alla grande"13"works great"943truefalse"it works great"41truefalse"works out great"0truefalse"works very"0truefalse"works very well"0truefalse5676""""14""944falsefalse7778"""Kitty"28"Kitty"1000truefalse05"Kitty non hanno avuto problemi ad usarlo ""non hanno avuto problemi"29"had no problems"621truefalse"had no problem"11truefalse"have had no problems"0truefalse"have had no trouble"0truefalse"they had no problem"0truefalse630"""ad usarlo "30"with it"538truefalse3142"""Funziona perfettamente C' l'ho installato nel mio muro per un anno e mezzo ora funziona alla grande Kitty non hanno avuto problemi ad usarlo "6"it"121 by Esteban Arguedas Seas

I found this on the door of my daughter's room and it works perfect Kitten was 3 months when we put in and had no problems. by Jackie Rindt


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