Friday, October 17, 2014

KampH Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat, My cat who always seems cold all of the time ... in my opinion

The week ago. I search for information on the KampH Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed, so i have to tell.

KampH Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

The KH Thermo-Kitty Bed has a dual thermostat 4 watt heating unit buried deep within its thick super soft orthopedic foam base. It warms the surface 10-15 degrees above ambient air temperature to a cat pleasing 102 degrees when in use. The washable cover comes in two colors and is attractive in any room in the house. Indoor use only. UL listed. One of KH's most popular .... Read more or Check Price

Comments from other users

I have three different heated pads for my cat she will use any of the three especially when it's cold outside . by brian

My cat always seems cold all the time took immediately to this. I keep my house cold ( 62-65 ) and I feel more guilty. by J. K. Swoboda

I have 6 cats (do not ask ) And this is a hit with almost all. In fact we have 3 of these because they are so popular. by ScaryLibrary

I bought this to see if my cats would use. Well..They is didat the same time not so great. But big enough for one to use. by ed quesada


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